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My name is Cyndi and I am a stay at home mom to two beautiful girls ages 4 and 1. They are the light of my life and the reason I need to take a creative break often and stamp, knit or crochet. My awesome sis got me into stamping about 6 years ago and I have a wonderfully creative friend who taught me how to knit and crochet recently. They are the reason I am still sane, for the most part anyway.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bonnet Band Creation

So, those of you that don't know me personally don't know that I am losing my hair. I have been to several doctors and through lots of tests but no one is sure what is wrong. I have gotten to the point where I wear hats all the time but I had an issue, I am not comfortable wearing a hat inside church. A couple of Sundays I wore a wide scarf to cover my thinning areas and liked that it looked so retro but they didn't really stay put like I would like. I started working on crocheting a scarf for my hair but ended up with what I call a Bonnet Band. It covers the whole top of my head like a bonnet but no puffy back to hide what hair I have. I used an around the post stitch and a thin springy yarn and it made my Bonnet Band super soft and stretchy. It stays in place and is not tight though; it really is like a gentle hug on my head. I have only made two colors but I am experimenting with other yarns now. Take a look at my Bonnet Bands for sale at http://www.etsy.com/shop/CraftyCyndi?section_id=7063456 They are priced $15 for now but I am hoping if I can find the yarn on sale or a different yarn that works as well, the price might go down.

Thanks for reading. I will keep you posted on the progress I make with different Bonnet Bands!

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